It’s our Blogiversary!

One year ago I sat myself down and started thinking about my writing career. I knew that I needed to continue with my writing, but I felt a little lost on where to start. My English teacher once taught me that great writers begin with what they know – but after dabbling in so many professions, what did I know? I do consider myself a “jill of all trades” and a master of none, so I felt as if I hit a hard place.

I was already in a personal hard space as it was, my anxiety was flaring, and I found it hard to discuss with my husband what was going through my brain as each day went on. It’s so hard to create something tangible on something that changes regularly. I felt debilitated and knew that the only way I would be able to communicate was through writing again – so, I started with “What is Anxiety?” and “Anxiety is”.

I wrote both of these articles simultaneously – trying to be professional in one and bringing readers into my mind with the other.  When my husband read them, I felt nervous. I’ve never been public about my diagnosis before, and there was still a huge stigma around it. My husband called me brave and expressed how proud he was of me for being a voice when others couldn’t. I knew in that instance that I had something, and up until now, I have shared so many topics on symptoms, depression & other mental health topics that I think are relevant and need to be brought up.

I’m quite happy at the response that I have gotten from family, friends & others who have found solace in Anxious Andrea. I initially started this for myself, but it turned out that others needed this more. It brought back a whole new motivation for me; finishing my first novel, writing (& submitting) short stories to contests and starting a new notebook that’s already half-full of new novel ideas.

So, even though it’s our Blogiversary today – I would like to say thank you to my readers.

Thank you for continuous support

Thank you for liking & sharing those topics that hit home

Thank you for being you

Here’s to another successful year!

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