Anxiety and Parenthood

It’s been 21 weeks since we brought our little one home. I still remember that first night, how her shrieks wouldn’t stop and her tiny face turning blue. I was exhausted and crying, gliding her swaddled body across my chest, thinking that I was already a terrible mother for not being able to comfort her.Continue reading “Anxiety and Parenthood”

How to love yourself again

One of the hardest things that I’ve ever done was loving myself again after many narcissist relationships. It wasn’t an easy feat either; I had no memo, no guidelines, no one to ask where to start. There was one thing that I did know, that I couldn’t move forward in life without starting somewhere. MyContinue reading “How to love yourself again”

How Stress Affects Your Body & Mind

Have you ever been so stressed that your body has just given up on you? There are times when I try to push through discomfort and stress, but sometimes that ends up making me sicker in the end. Trying to pinpoint why I’ve been overly stressed is a little hard, but I think I’m angryContinue reading “How Stress Affects Your Body & Mind”

5 Red Flags for Anxiety

I’ve lived with anxiety for the majority of my life, yet, I still get surprised when it hits me unexpectedly in my daily routine. A lot of time it feels as if my anxiety is in control of everything until it just isn’t. I wish I could explain that sentence a little better, but thoseContinue reading “5 Red Flags for Anxiety”