Standing Up

I live in a townhouse complex that generally gets quarterly newsletters in regards to issues and updates within our community. Yesterday, we received such a newsletter, and I was quite alarmed to see the language that they used within. Generally, I don’t stand up to these things and would let it slide, but after theyContinue reading “Standing Up”

World Cancer Day

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, one in two Canadians will get some form of cancer in their lifetime – whether we like it or not. Hearing that statistic makes me think of all the family members/friends that have survived their battle plus the others that we have lost. My mother battled different forms ofContinue reading “World Cancer Day”

Improv for Anxiety

One of the many techniques that I’ve learned over the years from professionals is exposure therapy. The majority of my anxiety comes from large crowds, and my latest therapist told me to overcome the fear and danger I would need to immerse myself in it. The day after that session, I went to our localContinue reading “Improv for Anxiety”

The Sun Is Going To Rise Again

My heart breaks. Mental health is not a joke, and we should not look down on it. We need less judgment and more compassion. More check in’s and fewer shares of one meme “suicide hotline.” I urge you to check in on all of your friends, correctly. In a week, we lost two celebrities toContinue reading “The Sun Is Going To Rise Again”