The last thinking trap that I posted about was Jumping to Conclusions (embed) – Now, to delve a little deeper, I would like to talk about mind reading. It’s a sub-section of jumping to conclusions and very popular when reacting to a certain situation. What is mind-reading? When we assume what others are thinking andContinue reading “Mind-Reading”

Jumping to Conclusions

When I was younger and didn’t know how to assess my anxiety correctly, I fell into several thinking traps. The biggest one that I had to overcome was jumping to conclusions. I was an expert at making predictions about what was going to happen with little to no evidence. After my first panic attack, IContinue reading “Jumping to Conclusions”

Automatic Thoughts

CBT Technique: How to Change Automatic Thoughts Do you ever find yourself reacting negatively? I hate to admit that I’m my own worst enemy, and will always put myself down even if there’s no reason to. “I’m not good enough.” “I’m a disappointment.” “Everyone thinks that I’m annoying.” “I’ll be fired over this little thing.”Continue reading “Automatic Thoughts”