New Doctor, New Diagnosis?

How to make sure your Therapist or Psychiatrist is a right fit for you I recently went to see a new psychiatrist. I’m not always keen on seeing someone new, as it usually takes a lot out of me going over what has happened in my past. Even though I don’t feel those emotions today,Continue reading “New Doctor, New Diagnosis?”

Anxiety & Superpowers

I’ve had a handful of people come up to me and ask me why I started this blog. It’s hard to pinpoint the correct answer as I can talk about this for hours – however, I do not shy away from the fact that I am proud to share my experiences and be a voiceContinue reading “Anxiety & Superpowers”

The Sun Is Going To Rise Again

My heart breaks. Mental health is not a joke, and we should not look down on it. We need less judgment and more compassion. More check in’s and fewer shares of one meme “suicide hotline.” I urge you to check in on all of your friends, correctly. In a week, we lost two celebrities toContinue reading “The Sun Is Going To Rise Again”

Verdict: INFJ

Roughly five years ago my then supervisor sent an e-mail to our team with an MBTI test. For those of you who are not aware, MBTI is Myers-Briggs. It was defined by a mother-daughter team based off of Carl Jung’s theory that humans experience the world with four functions: sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking. IContinue reading “Verdict: INFJ”