Automatic Thoughts

CBT Technique: How to Change Automatic Thoughts Do you ever find yourself reacting negatively? I hate to admit that I’m my own worst enemy, and will always put myself down even if there’s no reason to. “I’m not good enough.” “I’m a disappointment.” “Everyone thinks that I’m annoying.” “I’ll be fired over this little thing.”Continue reading “Automatic Thoughts”

Improv for Anxiety

One of the many techniques that I’ve learned over the years from professionals is exposure therapy. The majority of my anxiety comes from large crowds, and my latest therapist told me to overcome the fear and danger I would need to immerse myself in it. The day after that session, I went to our localContinue reading “Improv for Anxiety”

Where do I put my hands?

A little over a year ago, a friend of the family came to me with some advice knowing that I was struggling. Automatically, my guard went up. I started to become defensive about the situation and chose to ignore what she was saying. I politely asked her to leave my house, and without hesitation, sheContinue reading “Where do I put my hands?”

Awkward Silence!

This past weekend I went to a housewarming party. I go to these with my husband, but due to his work schedule, I was to go alone. PANIC. I don’t normally go to parties alone, especially when I only know a handful of people. Immediately I started to think of excuses of how to getContinue reading “Awkward Silence!”

Laughing at myself

I took the day off yesterday, and I don’t feel terrible about it. After working throughout the holidays and even dragging my ass out of bed on Boxing Day I know I needed it. Yes, I woke up extra early on December 26th riddled with anxiety. I was taking over a co-workers responsibility that I’veContinue reading “Laughing at myself”