Eve And Her Tooth

Eve is unsettled
And just wants to cry
Her mouth is hurting,
She doesn’t know why.

Mom tries to calm her
And cuddles Eve tight
“it’s ok, my love.”
a tooth is in sight

Mom puts her down
And turns off the light
“I love you dearly –
Have a good night.”

Eve squirms and kicks
Unsure what to do
“I’m sorry,” tooth said
“But I’m growing, too!”

Eve is startled
This cannot be!
Tooth continued on,
“Listen to my plea.”

“In a few months
more teeth are due
you have to take care
like mom does with you.”

“Why would I help?”
Eve was still sad
“Don’t worry,” tooth said
“It won’t be that bad!”

“The more teeth you get,
New food you can eat,
Like tacos and steak,
And tasty sweet treats!”

“Once I arrive,
You will need to brush.
You won’t have to eat
all that green mush!”

Eve thinks about it
While closing her eyes
Forgetting the pain
For that lovely prize

She falls asleep quick
Dreaming of that food
Hoping tomorrow
brings a better mood.

Photo by @dweniedrawsstuff
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