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I love your clutter.

“Organizing is not about how your place looks – but how it works.”

My job as an organizer is to motivate and effect change in your hectic world.

It doesn’t matter if the project is large or small; not everyone has the skills needed to tackle what I enjoy most. That’s right. I LOVE YOUR CLUTTER. My brain has always been wired to make sense of everything, and it’s no different when I step into your world.

The first step is an assessment session where I’ll likely ask a thousand questions to get on the right track. Nothing is more important to me than my clients being SEEN and HEARD. It will give me a sense of who you are while contemplating what systems would work best for YOU. Not all projects are tackled in the same way, there is no magical solution, or one size fits all. This is all about your personal goal and how we can both achieve it.

Once I’ve bored you with all of that, I will create an action plan within 48 hours. At this point, you can figure out if you require me for the entirety of your project, if you need any additional hours added or say, “Pfft, I can do this all myself.” No issues with whatever you choose!

After a complete project, I like to book follow-up calls/appointments to check in and see if everything is running smoothly. If it’s not, you bet your bottom I will be coming back! I want to ensure all my clients are satisfied.


Life is complicated! People find themselves overwhelmed when faced with a life transition such as moving, changing jobs, getting married or divorced, having children or downsizing parents. Let me help you streamline your life!

All projects are scheduled within a 2 week period – Unless marked as an Emergency

Book a one hour virtual session for 35$
or, a one hour in-home session for 60$

Virtual Sessions Now Available!

Small Projects 3 Hour Block180$
Large Projects 6 Hour Block360$
Emergency Small Project
3 Hour Block
Emergency Large Project
6 Hour Block


You have enough to worry about when it comes to your business – getting organized shouldn’t be one of them. Let me help you find systems that WORK and take the guessing game out of the equation.

All projects are scheduled within a 2 week period – Unless marked as an Emergency

Referral Promos: Each new client I retain from a referral will receive a discount on their next project!

1-2 Hours
Half Day
4 Hours
Full Day
8 Hours
Emergency Half Day
4 Hours
Emergency Full Day
8 Hours
Assessment will be refunded upon booking of services

Terms & Conditions:

  • E-transfer or Paypal accepted
  • Gift Certificates are available
  • Payment is due upon receipt
  • Packages are payable at the first session
  • Additional organizers are roughly $50/hour (if needed)
  • For full day projects, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking

Scheduled appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to three hours of service, payable upon receipt.
Since we live in Canada, Weather is not applicable to this cancellation clause

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