Case of the Mondays

It’s not even 9 am and I’m already having a case of the Mondays.


Last night before I was heading to bed my husband went into a slight panic attack. Nothing to worry about – I was able to calm him down from a ten to a six within minutes. The only downside to this issue is that I’m an empath.

What the heck is an empath, Andrea?!
So glad you asked! Being an empath means that you can feel others’ energies. The number one trait of an empath is to feel/sense their emotions whether it be physical, spiritual, etc. In layman’s terms – you are an emotional sponge. Being able to process other people’s feelings and energies means that I can sometimes take on what their feeling: sad, anger or in this case, anxiety.

While I was quite eager to help calm down my husband I knew there would be a possibility of his anxiety rubbing off on me, and boy did it hit me hard. I wasn’t able to fully calm myself down until 3 am this morning, and even then I was in and out of sleep till my alarm went off at 7 am.
Fatigue is a big symptom associated with empaths, and I’ve grown quite accustomed to it at this point.

I still pushed on with my morning.
I scheduled an oil change for 8 am and what is a 45-minute appointment (usually) will now turn into a longer wait due to customer backlog. What’s the point of making an appointment? SIGH More people are showing up in the lobby – even though I am in the corner writing this up, I can still touch on the majority of the emotions in this room: tiredness (PREACH) and annoyance.

Being an empath can be a blessing and a curse – I’ll delve more into this later. Due to my environment today I’m letting it affect me more negatively. So, I’m having a case of the Mondays.

Think you might be an empath? Take this quiz to find out:

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